Certified Practitioners

Beck Thom

Beck Thom is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker based in the Midlands, UK. With a background in LGBT youth and community work and therapeutic social work, they found the world of Tantra, conscious sexuality and intimacy. Using their previous massage qualifications and certificate in somatic sex education, they now work with ‘anybody with a body’ including the LGBT, queer and trans community to make changes in their sexual lives.

Beck offers an accessible, down to earth approach and a safe space for clients to explore things they may never have told anyone before. Beck is particularly interested in LGBT, queer and trans experiences, all women, people recovering from sexual trauma, abuse and shame and wanting to reclaim their sexuality. Beck also offers workshops and group-work so that people benefit from doing this work in community.

Beck believes that our socialisation around sex and pleasure is distorted and unhelpful regardless of our sexual orientation or gender identity. They know that working on sexuality and intimacy is hugely valid and therapeutic, helping human beings to be whole and integrated and in full ownership of their body and capacity for pleasure. This can have wider-ranging impact on people’s life choices and sense of themselves.  Beck is proud to have joined a field of professionals dedicated to this.

To find out more about Beck’s work, see www.body-curious-sexcoach.co.ukbodycurious.midlands@gmail.com