certified practitioners

Eleonora Lawson

(London / Online)

Eleonora is a Sex & Intimacy Coach, somatic bodyworker and massage therapist with over 10 years of experience, including post-operative massage and scar tissue. 

She emotionally and practically supports individuals and couples wanting to deepen the relationship with the self and others.

Using breathing, movement, sound, voice and / or touch she helps her clients to mobilise the body’s natural capacity for growth and healing. Reconnecting where there is disconnection, reawakening where there is darkness and numbness, deepening the felt sense where there is longing. 

Eleonora believes we have the ability to move through the most challenging of experiences and by being present with our bodies, we can tune into the ancient system of wisdom and intuitions to overcome any obstacle, freeing our self-expression and vital energy; that your most intimate self matters and that she can support you to re-discover it, so you can live your life more intentionally, with purpose and deep fulfilment. 

To find out more about Eleonora’s work see  www.lifetouchyou.com • eleonora@lifetouchyou.com