Certified Practitioners

Jem Ayres

(Brighton / London / Online)

Jem is a somatic sexual educator and sex coach with a background in Tantra, yoga and cancer coaching.

Pleasure stokes our inner-fire. That fire is healing, growth, intimacy, self-acceptance, motivation, deep self-love, creativity and connection with yourself and what you put out into the world. 

Jem offers bodywork and coaching for anyone who identifies with the following:

• Individuals who wish to find new pathways to pleasure
• Couples who wish to connect more deeply, learning alternative ways of being sexual and sensual together
• Anxiety around intimacy
• Negative body image
• Disconnection from body, too ‘in the head’ which blocks pleasure
• Low libido / lack of interest o desire in sex
• Choice around orgasm – what holds you back?
• Performance anxiety, erection or ejaculation dissatisfaction
• Genital pain, numbness or tension
• Pelvic or genital scarring from surgery and / or childbirth

‘Jem is overflowing with knowledge on the subject of sexual energy and pleasure beyond what you can learn in a book…Jem embodies her work. Nothing seems to phase her when discussing my pleasure. I’m inspired by her to integrate it into my life more, meeting myself and my body with fresh eyes each day, to enhance my pleasure and connection with life.’

To find out more about Jem’s work or a free phone consultation see www.jemayres.co.ukhello@jemayres.co.uk