Certified Practitioners

Jon Gosling

(Manchester and online)

Jon sees the body as a gateway into new and expanded experiences and calls himself a ‘Body Awakener’. Connecting with his body has enabled him to experience and understand himself more deeply and allowed him to help others do the same.  He is passionate about the nurturing power of touch and is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker and a trained sexologist and somatic educator. He offers experiential learning opportunities that are designed to help individuals access profound erotic and ecstatic states, allowing them to better express their desires and deepen their erotic capacity.

Jon is passionate about his work and specialises in male sexuality, nurturing touch, authentic consent, teaching erotic massage, and, if desired by you, can integrate energy healing into his work.  

Jon works with individuals, couples and groups, respecting peoples’ ethnicity, beliefs, culture, disability and sexuality.

To find out more about Jon’s work, see www.nurturebytouch.co.ukinfo@nurturebytouch.co.uk