Certified Practitioners

Julian Marcus

(Coimbra & Lisbon + online)

”With coaching and learning grounded in the body, we notice and trust what is alive and follow where that takes us…”

​In my work as a sex coach, sexological bodyworker and educator I help others find body-felt clarity in life and intimacy and find embodied confidence in choice-making and relating.

I work in this field with a strong foundation in bodywork, having a degree and post-grad trainings that including STREAM (with Dr. Ellen Heed), Taoist and 4 Dimensional bodywork as well as teaching practitioners touch since 2002. Back then I fell in with love what it can do and has done for clients in their holistic wellbeing, sovereignty and quality of life satisfaction and also for myself as a receiver and perpetual student of this work.

Growing our capacity to find our “way” in the mystery of life can be a rich and vivid process of returning to the body as home and teacher.

To me, learning to evolve as a human being is paramount. My experience and gateway is largely about fostering receptivity and attunement. Creating awareness between what we feel and what we really want to experience in life, often serves to take us from a sense of being a victim of circumstances, into a sense of being a co-creator of our present and future experience, with agency and an empowered sense of clarity.

To find out more about Julian’s work, see https://relationalbodywork.org/