Certified Practitioners

Luna Somatic

(Lisbon, Portugal)

Luna is a Certified Somatic Sexological Bodyworker & Embodied Intimacy facilitator, with additional training in Tantra and Sacred Sexuality. Her path has led her towards supporting others in their sexuality, and finding agency to transform their connection to themselves and others.

Luna practices sexological bodywork and Tantra in Portugal where she is based, and also travels internationally to teach workshops in areas such as conscious touch, consent, breathwork and erotic embodiment.  She works with people of all genders and sexual orientations who are looking to explore their sexuality from the foundation of mind, body & spirit connection. Her sessions can be one on one, or with partners. In person and online.

People see Luna for support in areas such as:  

  • Learning to connect deeper with their felt sense, bodies and their sexual energy 

  • Learning to master arousal for a more fulfilling sex life 

  • Finding their voice to express desires and boundaries 

  • Negative body image  

  • Genital pain, numbness or scarring from child birth, operations or health issues.

  • Womb health – Using somatic bodywork and holistic treatments to sooth womb pain  

  • Navigating consensual non-monogamy

To find out more about Luna’s work see: https://lunasomatic.com/ • Insta @luna_somatic