Certified Practitioners

Nina Powell

(Bristol and on Skype)

Nina is a Somatic Sex Educator and Coach. She teaches people the skills they need to be more present during sex, have heightened sensations, feel more connected, access their wildish nature, be confident in communicating sexually and be able to make the choices that are right for them.

People come to Nina to overcome feelings of disconnection and shame, emotional and sexual shut-down, loss of libido, disappointing or lack of orgasm, and the emotional and physical effects of past trauma. By learning to hear and listen to the wisdom of their bodies, people are able to live more authentically, to feel passionately alive and to enjoy their bodies.

Nina also offers the unique practices of Scar Tissue Remediation postpartum and Holistic Pelvic Care™. Holistic Pelvic Care™ brings balance, alignment and connection to the pelvis and should be an essential component of all women’s health care. The benefits of this practice to a woman’s overall health are many and include the following: increasing sexual health, libido and orgasms; addressing pelvic pain, pelvic muscle imbalance and engagement; supporting pelvic wellness and clearing congestion; preparing the pelvis for pregnancy; increasing post-partum healing; healing traumatic or difficult birth experiences; healing trauma; and restoring a woman’s connection to her abundant creative centre.

To find out more about Nina’s work, see www.ninapowell.org • nina.h.powell@gmail.com