Certified Practitioners

Paul Field

(London & Online)

Paul works with women recovering from sexual assault and trauma. He provides a safe, loving space to amplify your inner resources, heal, and reconnect to your body and yourself. Supported on your unique journey at your own pace, you might explore:

  • Knowing and communicating your boundaries

  • Learning to love and trust your body

  • Discovering your inner strengths and wisdom

  • Being seen and validated for who you really are

  • Developing self-intimacy and an enjoyment of sex

  • Being in relation to men

Paul’s work blends modern coaching and body-based approaches with spiritual knowledge from yoga and Tantra, which allows you to explore the paths that are best for you.

“I had severe trust issues with men due to previous trauma but the sessions I received from Paul were so loving and nurturing. He made me feel cherished, seen, attractive but, most importantly of all, safe… Paul is incredibly sensitive, patient and loving. I feel I have made huge progress and feel ready to embark on a new relationship after keeping myself closed down for so many years.”

To arrange a friendly chat about what’s possible, email: paul@awakenthewoman.co.uk

And to find out more about Paul’s work visit: https://www.awakenthewoman.co.uk