Certified Practitioners

Robyn Dalzen

(Salt Lake City, Utah & worldwide via Zoom)

Robyn Dalzen is a somatic sex coach and consent facilitator and is passionate about helping people find what brings them joy — in their body and in their life. Robyn’s work is at the intersection of mindfulness, consent, embodiment and sexuality — guiding people to slow down and bring awareness to what they desire, practice the skills to communicate those desires, and create clear agreements to receive exactly what they want. She is co-founder of the School of Consent with Dr. Betty Martin, creator of the Wheel of Consent. She has certifications as a Certified Sexological Bodyworker, Embodied Sex Coach, Transformational Leadership Coach, Wheel of Consent® Facilitator, and Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercise (TRE®) provider. She is also a collaborator and coach with Self:Cervix.

To find out more about Robyn’s work, visit www.robyndalzen.com